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Why is Bridal Makeup Cost too high than other function or event makeups?

Planning a wedding can be super stressful, it’s a big event and there is lots and lots to consider. Sometimes, you don’t realise what your Artist is doing behind the scenes, to make sure your day is an unforgettable one.
So let’s look at the main basic details as to why bridal makeup costs more than special occasion makeup (birthdays.engagements,nights out, maternity etc)
A client calls me and tells me her birthday is coming up, it’s in May on a Friday. I check my diary and let her know my availability. She confirms and sends me a deposit. On the Friday in May, I turn up at the clients desired location, I find out what kind of makeup they want. I deliver the makeup and then I leave. A special occasion makeup takes 45- 55 mins..
A bride calls me and tells me she is getting married in 6 months. I check my availability and tell her I am free on her date. I then ask her to give me her availability for a phone consultation which lasts one hour.
The phone consultation goes over things like the location of the bride for her preview, the wedding location, the time the bride needs to be ready for, the bride’s personal style and makeup style, the the skin issues, the skin type wedding theme etc. How many people are in the bridal party, what kind of lashes /lenses they want and what the benefits are, why airbrush makeup is amazing for brides and weddings, what their skin is like etc.
Then I will go on to find out more about the dress, the details, whether there is embellishment or not, the style, the fabric, the way it flows. According to these details, i design a bespoke makeup which will enhance but not overpower the dress. This means the bridal makeup is unique to the bride. It compliments her colouring, her face and eye shape and most importantly her dress and wedding.
  • Bridal makeup needs to look amazing, bring out the best in the bride but not be overpowering. You want to look back on your photos and think, wow, everything flows, I look amazing. Not, yeah the makeup looks great here, and it be the first thing you notice. It should add and compliment to the entire image.

I then run through the different packages I offer and the prices and discounts available. We will then proceed to book a preview. A preview, also known as a trial, is where the bride and I meet up in their desired location and I show them my vision for their wedding makeup. The bride then has the opportunity to make changes, play around with lip colours, styles of liner, different eyeshadows etc. I don’t put a time limit on the previews, I am there until the bride is happy and we find a look she feels beautiful in. Usually I am with the bride for 2-3 hours.
On Average, between the first phone call and the preview, 30-40 emails or mesaages are exchanged between the bride and I. Compare this to one or two phone calls/emails from a special occasion booking. Between the Preview and the wedding I probably exchange a further 10 emails or messages with the bride. I want to find out about the bride, how she is doing, and make a genuine connection, this means there is a trust and bond created and makes the wedding morning super enjoyable and lots of fun! Many of my bride’s I am still in contact with years later after the wedding. I do their maternity makeup for their photoshoots, I do their makeup for special days and so on. I like to establish a relationship which is hopefully an ongoing one!
Another part of this is that I am also there if the bride is unsure about anything beauty related, waxing, tanning, sunbeds etc. I am here to advise and support the bride in the lead up to the big day. There is lot’s of do’s and dont’s and sometimes finding information online can be quite overwhelming. I can recommend suppliers who I have worked with directly so the bride can feel confident in going to this person, whether its for nails, lashes, cuts and colour etc. So, there is a lot more communication, and a lot more time. Communicating is a part of my job, and hours and hours go into it. When you work you get paid right? This is another reason why Preview’s/ Trials are not, and should not, be free. But often Bride’s expect them to be. You wouldn’t go to work for free would you?.

I hope this blog gives some insight as to why there is a difference in price with Bridal Makeup, and hopefully you can see some more about what goes into planning a wedding from a makeup artist’s perspective.

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